Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Let me tell you what inspired me to make this blog. 

I got a new Singer sewing machine for my 17th birthday this year. I was so excited! Especially because the "S" on the dial in front was my favorite color green. As I looked upon the box stammering , "Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you! Oh my gosh!" My mom told me that the first thing that I should sew was a cover for my new machine. 

I looked at my book, Sew Everything Work Shop by Diana Rupp, and looked for the pattern for a Sewing Machine Cozy. Looked easy enough, just a bunch of squares sewn together, so I started.

The pattern called for oil cloth, but sense my mom had no oil cloth, and you needed a special foot to attach to the sewing machine I decided normal cloth was good enough.

So, I threaded the machine a gazillion times until I actually got something that looked like a sewn line. I was so proud of my self!!! So, I started on the real deal. 

On one of the squares you were supposed to cut a hole in the middle for the handle, then, you put bias tape around the cut edges so you didn't have to go through the pain and torture of hemming a hole in the middle of a piece of cloth.

Well, me thinking that I was a sewing master measured out how long one side of the hole was and cut the bias tape and fit it in. Well, I put the tape on the wrong side for starters...and I also shouldn't have cut it like I did. But, before I realised this I sewed it on.

When I looked down on the side that would show, I discovered my mistake, I got discouraged, but I still went with it and just took out my seam ripper. The stitches are ever so very small...I couldn't get my ripper into the stitches. So now I'm going to have to cut out a whole new piece.

Trying to repress stress and anger that would force my to tear my work into a million tiny little pieces, I made some chocolate milk, sipped it and felt how thick it was, eeww...oh well! I drank it down anyways, and I asked my mom how to not make it so tiny, she showed me, but for some reason the stitches looked exactly the same, so I turned the dial again, same, again, same...Oh! and every time I did something new the thread would freak out so I had to rethread the machine a gazillion more times.

I folded up my work put away my sewing machine and made this blog. 

Oh! And soon my wonderful mother will teach me how to put bias tape on that stupid piece of cloth! :)


  1. Don't give up!!! :) Start with something a bit more simple!! Maybe a pillowcase?!?!! I have a machine that I just can't get the stitches to change well and have to re-thread constantly. It, too, is a singer. I got it to replace my machine that my mom bought for herself in the early 1980s!! I find that the old one works better than the "new" (hard to really call it new since it is now 9 years old) one. Sigh. Repeat this many times: "It isn't ME... it is the MACHINE." Then try something like a pillowcase!

  2. Aw thanks! I'm doing my best!! It will get easier then i can sew anything! :)


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